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Los Angeles Stretch Ceilings

this picture shows los angeles popcorn ceiling removal stretch ceiling team

At Los Angeles popcorn removal service, we can transform your old ceiling into a beautiful, contemporary look. We will find the right ceiling style for you using our innovative solutions. Our first step is to carry out popcorn ceiling removal before replacing it with a stretch ceiling. Our solutions have been designed to help you meet your needs. Our goal is to always exceed the customer’s expectation by delivering the best in all our projects. Contact us through (818) 583-6639 to get started.

How It Works

Stretch ceiling is made using PVC films where a harpoon is soldered to the outer edge. To achieve the installation, you need to first fix a special kind of aluminum profile around a room before heating the ceiling to fifty degrees Celsius. The film should be stretched before a harpoon is inserted into the locking channel’s profile. There is a shrinking of the cooling film as a way of providing the perfect ceiling.

Why Choose Stretch Ceiling

Stretch ceilings are the perfect choice as they can be installed first and without having to remove furniture form a room. This ceiling is installed in one piece and it is possible to do the stretch ceiling installation without leaving a mess.

Another advantage of stretch fabric ceilings is that there are available in various textures and colors. Some of our common textures are matt, glossy, satin, metallic and transparent.  They are also a great choice for use in rooms that have high humidity. This is because they are resistant to moisture and free of allergies. Even when influenced by moisture, the dimensions of stretch ceilings don’t change.

Stretch ceilings do not require any maintenance and there are no additional repairs needed. They are also easy to clean. If you are wondering about the stretch ceiling cost, you do not have to mind; contact us and we will give you an obligation-free quote.

Contact Us

We have unique ceiling solutions that are available in unlimited designs such as white matte, completely illuminated ceiling, imprinted ceiling and more. You can use the stretch ceiling to cover your outdated cottage cheese ceiling or other ugly structures. When you contact us on (818) 583-6639, you will be assured or a distinctive design that will add to the aesthetic value of your home.

No matter the project you may have, we will work with you to provide you with a solution that not only meets your taste but is within your budget.