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Los Angeles Popcorn Ceiling Removal

this image shows los angeles popcorn ceiling removal

For many decades, popcorn ceilings were very popular. This was mostly because they were considered to be a great solution for hiding imperfections without having to compromise on quality acoustics. These ceilings were considered to be a good way of saving money during construction.  Besides, they helped to absorb sound and reduce echoes. Rather than going through the long process of floating, taping and finishing drywall to achieve a smooth and a flat ceiling, it was possible for drywall contractors to create an average ceiling and simply cover the minor imperfections using popcorn.

Why You Need Popcorn Ceiling Removal

Even though there are people who still find the popcorn ceiling to be beautiful, it comes with a lot of drawbacks. In case of a leak, the popcorn tends to lose the adhesive quality as the drywall compound is reactivated by water. Also, if you choose to repaint it, this will reactivate the water found in latex products will activate the popcorn causing the same disaster as leakage in the roof. Once popcorn ceilings are damaged, it is hard to repair them.

It is for the above reasons that many homeowners are searching for Popcorn ceiling removal services. Today, this kind of ceiling is considered outdated and old-fashioned.  If you still have it, you need to consider having it removed. Los Angeles Popcorn Ceiling Removal is a company that specializes in popcorn ceiling removal. We have the expertise to remove your popcorn ceiling in a professional way.

Why Hire Us

If you are searching for popcorn removal near me, you should get in touch with us. We are dedicated to providing homeowners with top quality services at an affordable fee. Once you contact us, we will remove your popcorn ceiling before replacing it with stretch ceilings. We serve the East LA, West LA and South LA towns from West Lake to La Mirada to Orange.

Our Approach to Popcorn Ceiling Removal

Many homeowners do not know that an acoustic ceiling can lower the value of their homes. An old popcorn ceiling will make your home look outdated and therefore, hard to sell. When you choose Los Angeles Popcorn Removal, we will apply a subtle and smooth texture surface that will help your home look updated.

Before we can remove your acoustic ceiling, we will want to find out if it has ever been painted.  This is a key consideration as a repainted ceiling is usually harder to remove. However, no matter the kind of acoustic removal you need, you can count on our experts to do it.

We have the right tools for scraping off the old popcorn from your ceiling. After smoothening the surface, we will texture the drywall before applying your preferred paint.  Unlike what many homeowners think, the popcorn ceiling removal cost is not high. This is despite the fact that it is a wise investment decision that can help to increase the value of your home. Besides, you deserve a beautiful home that you will enjoy living in.

Contact us today

You can see that getting rid of these old-fashioned popcorn ceiling is a wise decision. The first steps towards doing that involve finding a professional. We have highly trained, skilled and experienced staffs who will offer you a popcorn ceiling solution that is suited to your need. Call us on (818) 583-6639 and we will upgrade your ceiling.