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Asbestos Removal (Ceilings)

Los Angeles Dry Wall Contractors - Asbestos Removal (Ceilings)

In homes that were built prior to the mid-80s, we found building materials that were used contained asbestos. This is a material that is proven hazardous to your health and can cause cancer. It was often typically found in ceilings, tile floors, and sheetrock. Believe it or not, it was also found in certain tapes. The thing about asbestos is that it doesn’t usually cause too much of a problem until work is being performed in someone’s home, usually during renovations or construction.

At Los Angeles Drywall Contractors we offer asbestos removal services. To ensure that the asbestos materials are carefully and safely removed, you will have to rely on someone with proven expertise. Some as easy as removing a textured ceiling could kick up an asbestos disturbance. Since our drywall contractors in Los Angeles know how to effectively remove it, it would certainly be in your best interest to rely on them to remove the asbestos from your textured ceiling.

Why Rely on A Qualified Asbestos Removal Professional

Before it is necessary to have asbestos removed, it has to be proven that it exists. We can perform the appropriate testing to determine if there is asbestos in your ceiling material. If it is then only a qualified professional will be able to safely remove it. They will also know how to effectively contain it so that it doesn’t start to spread. It can easily become airborne if it isn’t removed carefully. It requires special equipment to effectively remove it, which is why someone with the proven expertise should remove it for you.

Our LA drywall contractors have effectively removed asbestos from many large properties throughout Los Angeles. If asbestos is discovered then don’t stick around to see what can happen, just give our experts a call at (818) 583-6639 to take care of the problem for you.

Common Asbestos Health Concerns

Asbestos is known to cause certain types of cancer, such as mesothelioma, lung, stomach, and colon cancer. Mesothelioma affects your lungs, chest, and abdomen. Mesothelioma is a type of cancer that is considered to be fatal and is usually directly traced back to exposure to asbestos. It is something that scars the lung tissue and limits your lungs ability to function properly. Once it becomes airborne, it will then start to release harmful fibers into the air that can adversely affect someone’s health. Unfortunately, the harmful fibers can’t be seen with the naked eye and that is why specific equipment is needed to detect it.

Why Hire Los Angeles Drywall Contractors

We know how important it is to identify asbestos prior to performing any drywall job that we are hired to perform. We never take any unnecessary chances, which is why we always begin our job by performing an asbestos test. Our contractors take every precaution possible to protect customers against the harmful effects of asbestos while they are performing their job. They adhere to the safety guidelines to ensure that asbestos does not become airborne. You’re safe with our expert drywall contractors. Call (818) 583-6639 today.