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Los Angeles Asbestos Removal/ Asbestos Ceiling Removal

this image shows asbestos removal asbestos ceiling removal in los angeles

Asbestos ceilings have in recent years fallen out of favor. Painting the ceiling is usually hard and requires a lot of paint and the use of a thick-nap roller cover as the textures tend to soak a lot of paint just like a sponge. Majority of the textured ceiling will catch dust and trap it making it hard to clean. Their peaks also create shadows making a room look smaller. What is even worse is that the textured materials used to make popcorn ceiling may have asbestos, a harmful substance that has been noted to cause asbestosis and mesothelioma. Where the ceiling is already painted, it may have lead to additives. Dial (818) 583-6639 now to get your home cleared of asbestos.

Have Your Home Checked for Asbestos

If your home was built before 1978, there are chances that asbestos was used in the construction of the popcorn ceiling. Therefore, you need to have the popcorn ceiling tested before you begin your construction project. In case the ceiling has no building asbestos and gets disturbed, these particles could get airborne. If you happen to inhale asbestos, it could result in serious health issues as noted above.

So what do you do? You will need to have a professional help you to get rid of the asbestos. At Los Angeles popcorn removal service, you can count on our expertise to remove the asbestos in a professional way. We make use of special tools to ensure that the mess is kept at a minimum.

Why Choose Us

There are several reasons to choose our Los Angles popcorn removal services:

  • We will accurately do the job
  • We have the necessary equipment to do the job
  • We are fully insured and bonded
  • We have the ability to repair holes, patches, and spots that were created over time
  • We can provide painting and texturing service to give your ceiling a new look.

Our Popcorn Removal Process

How we approach the popcorn removal depends on a number of factors such as when the ceiling was built, the location of the ceiling and the final treatment. We begin the asbestos ceiling removal job with a free and obligation-free quote. You can contact us today on (818) 583-6639 to get our popcorn ceiling removal cost. Our services are available in cities such as New port beach, Anaheim and the entire Los Angeles.

We will then use tape, a plastic, and a drop cloth to seal various areas and protect your furniture. Our asbestos removal professionals will start the removal process. Finally, the team will repair and replace the ceiling drywall. You will be left with a ceiling that is beautifully finished.